Dr. Mercedes Romero-Ruiz
Postdoctoral fellow
Tel:+44 1865 285108 or +44 1865 285107

Research interests
Studies in DNA sequencing using simultaneous optical and electrical recordings

I completed my studies in Biology (majoring in Biotechnology) at the University of Barcelona, Spain (Sep. 1999 - June 2003). Then, I moved to Germany where I carried out an experimental master project in Biotechnology from the University of Würzburg under the supervision of Prof. Roland Benz (Sept. 2003 - Oct. 2004). In November 2004 Prof. Nussberger (University of Stuttgart) gave me the chance to fulfill my desire to study protein translocation as my PhD project in Biophysics. The focus of the project was on understanding polypeptide interaction with the Neurospora crassa mitochondrial translocase of the outer membrane of the mitochondria (TOM) and its main component, the protein-conducting channel Tom40. After finishing my PhD, I further investigated, as an ICTS fellow, the translocation of polypeptides across the TOM machinery by studying the effect of temperature in Prof. M. Winterhalter´s laboratory (Jacobs University Bremen). In the spring of 2011, I joined Prof. Bayleys’ lab as a postdoctoral research fellow, where I am studying single-nucleotide discrimination in DNA oligonucleotides using simultaneous optical and electrical recordings.