Group Meetings 2018

NOTE: Subject to frequent change. You CANNOT cancel a talk, but you may switch with another speaker who is nearby in the list. If we miss a meeting due to unforeseen circumstances or scheduling misinformation, it is still YOUR TURN, i.e. Monday speakers go to the next Monday and Friday speakers to the next Friday. You cannot exchange your R for J or vice versa.

Mondays at 9.00 - 10.30 am: Research
Your chance to present your work or, if you are new, your plans. This presentation, comes up about twice in a year so: Make it a serious effort! All presentations will be given in either pdf or powerpoint format. Let me have the file by email containing your presentation and any additional materials (e.g. new protocols)- this is your full-length lab report. You should expect to meet with HB for 30 to 60 min after your talk.

Tuesdays at 2.00 - 4.00 pm: Subgroup meeting
The subgroups of six or seven will meet about once every couple of months on Tuesday at 2 pm for 2 h to review overall progress and integration of efforts. The subgroups will also be useful for writing papers, and for discussing and helping to prepare new grant proposals.

Thursdays from 4.30 - 6.30 pm: Round Tables
(7 min research update for each person, for alternatives see handout). In this case, place your slides in ppt on the server. There is a MAXIMUM of 5 slides (1: Intro; 3 new data; 1: plan for next two weeks). Half the group presents each week- see listing, but ALL must show up. This doubles as your weekly report.

Fridays at 4.00 - 5.00 pm: Journal club
If in doubt ask for suggestions. Make it a serious effort! The paper should be relevant to our work or of outstanding general interest, and usually very recent. Please send a pdf copy of the paper to everyone in the group on the Friday before your turn. You should expect to meet with HB for 15 min after your talk.

About once every couple of months, the Round Table is replaced with a Brainstorming or Techniques Session on a pre-announced and pre-researched topic closely relevant to our work. Topics will be generated by the 4* rotating sub-group leaders. A Technique Session should result in typed-up protocol(s).