Welcome to the Hagan Bayley Lab
Chemistry Research Laboratory | Department of Chemistry | University of Oxford

Our laboratory uses the techniques of protein chemistry, molecular genetics and biophysics. Much of our work is centered on membrane proteins, in particular channels and pores. We investigate both the fundamental properties of these proteins and their applications in biotechnology.

Several of our studies are collaborations with other laboratories in the UK, USA and Europe. There are currently 21 postdocs, 8 graduate students and a technician in the laboratory, from 10 different countries.

News from the Lab:



22nd November 2016

We are greatly saddened to hear of the death of Siran (Rikko) Lu in Beijing on 9th November 2016. Rikko was an undergraduate at St John's from 2000 to 2004. She worked in our laboratory in Oxford Chemistry from 2004 to 2010 towards her DPhil,and in 2010 she was the first author of a paper in Nature Chemistry describing a primary isotope effect, ingeniously measured at the single-molecule level, a truly original piece of work. In recent years, Rikko had many good days after her return to China. She worked in several valued jobs and maintained her interest in Chinese opera and music. At Oxford, she had co-produced the first Oxford Chinese drama production: The Butterfly Lovers and she was the Founder and President of the Liang Zhu Drama and Performing Arts Society. She was also a dancer in many different genres and competed on the Oxford University Dancesports team. We have all missed Rikko since she left Oxford. And now, she is no longer with us, but we will remember her sunny days, her companionship and her talented contributions to the work of our group.